Thing 13: K-12 Online Conference

I decided to attend the session on Playing with the 4C’s in an Elementary Classroom by Paula Naugle and Jan Wells.  I met Paula once a Skype call set up for teachers to learn more about Twitter.  Now I also follow her on Pinterest!  The focus of their presentation was to get out there and see what projects are available to do in your classroom, and most importantly make sure you are addressing the 4 C’s of learning:

– creativity

– critical thinking

– collaboration

– communication

They mentioned using KidblogEdmodo and Skype to interact with their classmates and classrooms all over the world.  Another project that sounded interesting was The Global Read Aloud.  You pick the book that works best for your class and you are essentially in an online book club where your students can interact with kids their age globally.

Now that I know about this resource, I will be checking back in this fall for the 2012 sessions on Learn, Share, Remix.

3 thoughts on “Thing 13: K-12 Online Conference

  1. As you can tell from the date I’m still slogging through the course. I do not know if Shelley will give me credit for completing it (I’ve emailed her) but I am determined to finish it even if on my own.
    Since I was/am new to blogging I realize now that I could have learned more easily if I had found the time to follow the other participants blogs.
    I chose yours because you were one of the completers whose class duties seemed most like mine.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Wish me luck.
    Linda Ehlers

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